Using Less Energy Can Help Your Enterprise Earn More 

Your enterprise has the potential to earn revenue by simply agreeing to curtail energy use during periods of peak demand on the power grid. 

It’s through a program called Demand Response and Direct Energy Business can help you manage it every step of the way—from enrollment through any curtailment events that you’ll be called upon to participate in. Our energy experts will help you ensure the program is right for you and find simple, non-disruptive ways to curtail your energy consumption.

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demand response

Revenue Potential From Demand Response

Our Demand Response team can help you estimate your payment per 1,000 kilowatts (kW) that could result from participating in Demand Response. (Your actual payment will vary based on factors unique to you.)

Quick Facts

  1. The length of a typical event is one to six hours
  2. On average, there are two to three events per year
  3. You may not be asked to lower usage but can still get paid for agreeing to do so


Solution Profile

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What Our Customers Say

"I don't think others can provide the variety and level of service that Direct Energy Business provides to customers."
- Frank Park, Chief Engineer, Arrow Linen Supply

demand response

Ways to Curtail

There are a number of ways to implement minimally disruptive curtailment activities, such as:

  • Deploying batteries in buildings
  • Turning off lighting in common areas
  • Shutting down banks of elevators
  • Turning down air conditioning

Watch: How Demand Response Works

Watch this video to see how Demand Response works to reduce your use, without noticeable disruption.


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