Going Beyond Supply to Smartly Manage Your Demand

Commercial enterprises have the ability to go beyond just being strategic about how they procure energy, they can create opportunities from how they use it too.

Direct Energy Business is uniquely positioned to deliver innovation for how your operation manages your energy usage. From an industry-leading device-level energy monitoring solution to cogeneration, to powerful demand response management capabilities, we're built to help you succeed.



panoramic power

Panoramic Power®

Eliminate waste & predict equipment failure with device-level monitoring.

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demand response

Demand Response

Potentially generate revenue by agreeing to curtail usage during peak hours.

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Onsite distributed generation can help increase energy efficiency and reduce costs.

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efficiency edge


Identify opportunities to reduce onsite energy consumption & maintenance costs.

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Solar Solutions

From solar generation to rooftop installation and remote solar, we can meet your needs.

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