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If your electricity usage and budget are large, so is your opportunity in the energy market. PowerPortfolio® is a customized, blended wholesale power purchasing strategy that layers fixed and market-based purchases to help you identify and take advantage of opportunities in the electricity marketplace.

It starts with our Strategic Services team. This group of experienced energy professionals will examine your energy usage, business profile and goals to deliver a customized purchasing portfolio.

The hallmark of PowerPortfolio is our dedication to open and honest dialogue. We present you with transparent, wholesale market pricing, with no mark-up. In addition, we present a flat, negotiated fee for our services up front, so you can trust that you’re making informed decisions with the confidence of no hidden fees.


A Customized Strategy

Based on your strategy, your portfolio includes a blend of fixed-price, block purchases and variable, market-based purchases. This allows you to time your forward purchases with advantageous market conditions.

Quick Fact

We help manage more than 18.5 million MWh for our PowerPortfolio customers who have a yearly retention rate of more than 95%.


Solution Profile

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What Our Customers Say

"With the PowerPortfolio product...the purchases you secure in the wholesale market are completely transparent and at-cost."
- Laura Blaylock, Tarrant Regional Water District


EnergyPortfolio™ is a web portal and mobile app offered at no extra charge to customers using our PowerPortfolio product. With EnergyPortfolio, you’ll be able to access your energy and market data and reporting along with resources like an interactive strategy tool for forward purchase scenarios and price target monitoring.


Recommended for Enterprises with:

  • Annual usage of 10,000 MWh or more at a single or multiple locations
  • Industrial enterprises or enterprises with a national footprint
  • The desire to aggregate (i.e. groups of small businesses)


An Energy Strategy to:

  • Seize buying opportunities in the wholesale power market
  • Play an active role in your energy strategy with the help of experienced energy management professionals

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