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A large Texas refinery on PowerPortfolio® recently saved over $1 million by implementing a 50% hedge on their summer load of 10 MW.




Your energy usage and spending are substantial.

We have a customized power purchasing strategy to help meet your energy goals.


Direct Energy Business President John Schultz on PowerPortfolio®



Our solution is PowerPortfolio®, a customized strategy that combines expert advice and reporting with flat block purchases and variable, market-based purchases.

PowerPortfolio is the right solution for a holistic energy management strategy. If your goal is optimizing your electric purchases or building a cohesive strategy for back up generation, peak load management, or renewables, with a team approach, we can help you meet your need.



PowerPortfolio® starts with our Strategic Services team.

This group of experienced energy professionals examines your energy usage, business profile and goals to deliver a customized purchasing portfolio.


power portfolio


Based on your needs, we craft a procurement strategy.

Your customized strategy may include a blend of fixed-price, block purchases and variable, market-based purchases. This allows you to time your forward purchases with advantageous market conditions.


How does PowerPortfolio work?

  • Energy strategy is a joint conversation between a Business Development Manager, Energy Advisor and you.
  • Choose from an index or fixed adder base, which allows you to manage all the cost components associated with your PowerPortfolio.
  • If in a capacity market, you decide how to settle capacity obligation: Fix for term or Pass through at market


EnergyPortfolio dashboard on a tablet screen

EnergyPortfolio™, our best-in-class procurement app

Ensure your purchases are made at the right time with EnergyPortfolio.

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Customer profile:

  • Annual usage of 10,000 MWh or more at a single or multiple locations
  • Industrial enterprises, multi-site enterprises, aggregations of smaller businesses
  • Want to seize buying opportunities in the wholesale electricity market
  • Has a contact person for your group or business who is able to take an active role in procurement decisions


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