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Get the Best of Both Worlds: Fixed & Market Strategies

The Load Following Block & Index solution can be right for you if you want to play an active role in managing your energy costs by executing purchases that protect your budget and capitalize on favorable changes in the market.

With its unique combination of budget stability and purchasing flexibility, this strategy allows you to fix (or hedge) up to 100 percent of your power usage (also called "load"), while your remaining power supply is purchased and billed at market-based prices.


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Predictable, Flexible & Customizable

The Load Following Block & Index solution brings together the best of both a fixed price and market-based strategy. Based on your goals, you can customize the amount of your electricity load you wish to lock in at a fixed price. Doing so enables you to take advantage of market opportunities without being locked into a long-term fixed price contract for your total load requirement.

Quick Fact

Our commercial customers had more than 3.5 million MWh managed under our LFBI solution in 2016.


Solution Profile

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What Our Customers Say

"Working with Direct Energy Business has been smooth – I have one point of contact, I pay a good price, and have had no problems."
- Aamil Investments, Inc.


Recommended for Enterprises with: 

  • A desire for a strategy, with purchasing flexibility and budget stability
  • The ability to take an active role in their energy management
  • An average consumption of less than 1 MWh of electricity


An Energy Strategy to: 

  • Take advantage of dips in market pricing
  • Manage your risk exposure based on your goals
  • Take an active role in your energy strategy

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