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The right balance of minimizing risk and maximizing opportunity

It’s time for an energy strategy that can help put you in control of your spending. Fixed Energy Plus can help you reduce exposure to price volatility while having the opportunity to actually lower the total cost paid for energy.

Recommended for customers with Interval Data Recorder(IDR) meters, Fixed Energy Plus consists of a two-part pricing structure. There’s the fixed price you pay for your supply and the cost of pass-throughs which consist of items like transmission and capacity costs as well as Reliability-Must-Run charges (RMR) in some areas.

Gain a clear view into your energy spending

Traditional fixed price plans build in the risk of these pass-through costs rising into your contract price. You pay these costs through what are called 'risk premiums.' Fixed Energy Plus requires no risk premiums and gives you complete transparency into your bill.

Start by locking in your supply price

The cost of your power supply is the largest component of your energy costs, so you can gain stability by locking in your electricity supply rate so that it stays the same through the term of your contract.

Control your pass-through charges

With Fixed Energy Plus, you may be able to lower the pass-through charges you pay by managing your Peak Load Contribution (PLC). Your PLC is typically calculated on a day of peak demand on the grid. Curtailing your demand on that day can be a major factor in lowering your PLC.

PowerRadar™ helps you do it

With PowerRadar, our advanced cloud and mobile platform, you'll receive alerts when peak days are predicted to occur. Plus, you can monitor usage and performance on your desktop or mobile device. This allows you to prepare to curtail usage to contribute to a lower PLC calculation.


Connecticut - Time of Use (TOU) Offer

We are pleased to offer a TOU rate option that reflects on-peak and off-peak pricing designed to encourage customers to reduce consumption during the most energy intensive hours of the day. Learn more about our TOU Offer.

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