Gain Budget Certainty with a Fixed Price

If your enterprise is looking for predictability and control of your energy budget, a Fixed Price electricity solution can be right for you. With a Fixed Price contract, you minimize the risk of price volatility by securing an electricity supply price (per kilowatt hour) that will not change for the length of your agreement.


Deciding if a Fixed Price Strategy is Right for You

Our Fixed Price solutions offer little need for you to actively monitor the market moving forward. You should also consider that there is a potential risk that market prices may drop after you lock in your price, meaning you may miss opportunities for lower prices. We offer a range of strategies to explore opportunities in the market while still protecting your budget. Talk to us and we’ll help you find the right one.

Quick Fact

Direct Energy Business is the second leading power supplier to North American commercial businesses.


Solution Profile

solution profile


What Our Customers Say

"Working with Direct Energy Business has been smooth – I have one point of contact, I pay a good price, and have had no problems."
- Aamil Investments, Inc.


Recommended for Enterprises with:

  • Any volume of electricity consumption
  • A need for predictability in their energy budget
  • The desire for simplified electricity budget management


An Energy Strategy to:

  • Gain greater control of your energy budget
  • Protect against price spikes and power market volatility
  • Take a "hands-off" approach to managing your power strategy until you are ready to renew

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