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The right balance of minimizing risk and maximizing opportunity

It’s time for an energy strategy that can help put you in control of your spending. With Fixed Energy Plus™ you can reduce exposure to price volatility while having the opportunity to actually lower the total cost you pay for your energy.

Simply put, Fixed Energy Plus consists of a two-part pricing structure—the fixed price you pay for your supply and the cost of pass-throughs which consist of items like transmission and capacity costs as well as Reliability-Must-Run charges (RMR) in some areas.

Start by locking in your supply price

The cost of your power supply is the largest component of your energy costs, so you can gain stability by locking in your electricity supply rate so that it stays the same through the term of your contract.

Your pass-through charges

With Fixed Energy Plus, you have the opportunity to lower the pass-through charges you pay by managing your Peak Load Contribution (PLC). Your PLC is determined by your usage during the five peak hours from the previous year, which are then totaled and averaged.

Gain transparency into your spending

Simple line item breakdowns for your charges make the billing for this product transparent and straightforward.

Strategies to take control of your PLC

If you can lower your PLC, you have the ability to lower the costs you pay for capacity and transmission charges. At Direct Energy Business, we have the capabilities to help you do that—from strategies to increase energy efficiency, reduce demand and more.

Peak Load Notifications

Your PLC is typically calculated on a day of peak demand on the grid. Curtailing your demand on that day can be a major factor in lowering your PLC. When a peak day is called, we’ll send you an email notification to help you prepare to implement your curtailment plan.

Quick Fact

Direct Energy Business is the second leading power supplier to North American commercial businesses.


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