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Fixed Price allow customers to have constant control of their budget.

In addition, customers can avoid being exposed to market price changes and give complete transparency into their electricity supply rates.

fixed price


Set it and forget it with Fixed Price.

This solution protects your budget against the risks of electricity price spikes and provides predictability in your monthly and yearly energy spend.


Simple and transparent.

The price you pay for energy and all components are fixed for the length of your contract. Fixed Price provides budget stability.


One fixed rate.

Fixed Price gives customers the ability to take advantage of one fixed rate ($/kwh) for budget certainty and ease of use.



MyAccount, an easy-to-use account management tool

Easily track your account details, including invoices and payments.

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Customer profile:

  • Annual usage of 5,000 MWh or less at a single location
  • Want greater transparency into their usage and spend


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