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It's time for an energy strategy that reduces exposure to price volatility.

While having the opportunity to lower your energy costs.




Fixed Energy Plus consists of a two-part pricing structure.

With this strategy, there's the fixed price you pay for your supply and the cost of pass-throughs, such as transmission and capacity costs as well as Reliability-Must-Run charges (RMR) in some areas. Fixed Energy Plus is recommended for customers with Interval Data Recorder(IDR) meters.


fixed energy plus


Start by locking in your supply price.

The cost of your power supply is the largest component of your energy costs, so you can gain stability by locking in your electricity supply rate so that it stays the same through the term of your contract.


Control your pass-through charges.

With Fixed Energy Plus, you may be able to lower the pass-through charges you pay by managing your Peak Load Contribution (PLC). Your PLC is typically calculated on a day of peak demand on the grid. Curtailing your demand on that day can be a major factor in lowering your PLC.



MyAccount, an easy-to-use account management tool

Easily track your account details, including invoices and payments.

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Customer profile:

  • Annual usage of 5,000 MWh or more at a single location
  • Have an IDR meter installed on their facility
  • Want to actively manage their peak load contribution (PLC) tag
  • Want greater transparency into their usage and spend


Why Choose Fixed Energy Plus?

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