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Connecticut - Time of Use (TOU) Offer

With recent regulation changes in Connecticut (i.e. General Statutes §16 245(g)), retail electricity suppliers, including Direct Energy Business, are required to provide a TOU pricing option to customers. We are pleased to offer a TOU rate option that reflects on-peak and off-peak pricing designed to encourage customers to reduce consumption during the most energy intensive hours of the day. Below you will find some common FAQs regarding our TOU product.


What is a TOU offer?

The intent of a TOU offer is to encourage customers who participate in the program to reduce electricity use during certain hours during the day when the demand for electricity is typically higher and costs more, and shift their usage to periods when the demand for electricity is typically lower and cheaper.


Who is eligible for our Connecticut TOU offer?

Our TOU offer is available to any Connecticut business customer. To be eligible, you must have a meter capable of measuring and recording on-peak usage on a daily basis and you must sign up with Direct Energy Business for a TOU offer. If you do not have proper metering and are interested in our TOU offer, please contact Connecticut Light & Power about getting a TOU meter.


What are TOU rates?

TOU rates vary by the time of day electricity is used (i.e. on-peak and off-peak times). On-peak is defined as 12 noon to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday. Off-peak hours account for all other hours of the week.


Can I switch on to or off of TOU at any time?

You may switch at any time; however, changes will become effective based upon your meter reading schedule. Please be sure to review your current contract to determine if any fees apply in the event you are terminating your contract prior to the end date.


When does it start?

TOU service will begin after you have executed a TOU contract with Direct Energy Business and after the first meter reading.


What can our TOU offer do for you?

You may benefit from our TOU offer if you are able to shift your electricity load from on-peak to off-peak periods. Off-peak periods typically are lower priced and that’s how you get the benefit.


What information will I see on my bill?

The charges on your bill will reflect the total on-peak and off-peak kilowatt hours (kWh) consumed in one month. You will notice on-peak charges and off-peak charges listed as separate line items as well as the total amounts billed. TOU charges apply to the on-peak generation service portion of your bill. You should see calculations that support your on-peak and off-peak charge on each bill.


How do I learn more?

For details about our TOU program, please fill out our Request a Quote form, contact your Direct Energy Business Representative, or contact us at 1.888.925.9115.


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