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For enterprises that want to take advantage of potential opportunities in the electricity market while still benefiting from fixed prices, our Block and Index solution can provide an answer. It offers the flexibility to float in the market until pricing meets your requirements for locking in a portion of your supply at a fixed price for a specified term.


Connecticut - Time of Use (TOU) Offer

We are pleased to offer a TOU rate option that reflects on-peak and off-peak pricing designed to encourage customers to reduce consumption during the most energy intensive hours of the day. Learn more about our TOU Offer.


Product Pricing Index and Forward Purchase Options

Your price for electricity will move with the real-time market or until you execute your forward block purchase(s). Once a block or blocks are in place, any power used above those blocks will be billed at the Real-Time Settlement Point Price (RTSPP). Your forward block purchase(s) may contain varying on- and off-peak quantities and terms.

You can lock in as many increments as your contracted usage supports and these block(s) can be executed at the time you sign your contract with us or at any date prior to the beginning of the month.

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Direct Energy Business serves more than 78% of the Fortune® 100 and 60% of the Fortune® 500 companies.


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"Direct Energy Business helps provide us with a strategy as to how we can buy electricity now, and in the future."
- John Bass, President, Nucor Steel

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