Direct Energy Business
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Let us help you find the strategy in line with your goals

As a large energy user, you have opportunities to buy power in ways that align to your unique operation. As one of the largest commercial energy providers in North America, we have the experience and expertise to make it easier to find the strategy that’s right for you.


Standard power strategies

If you want more control of your energy budget, with stability and more predictable operational costs, these strategies can give you the security to meet those goals. Whether your organization is working on a controlled budget or prioritizes limiting risk, we will work with you to understand your goals and structure your solution to meet them.


Fixed Price

Protect your budget with a fixed rate for your power supply.



Standard Strategy Profile




Flexible power strategies

If you want the flexibility to explore different types of purchasing strategies for your energy supply in the marketplace, these strategies can be right for your organization. These solutions give you the opportunity to protect your budget while capitalizing on opportunities in the marketplace.


Load Following Block & Index

Structure your purchases with a balance of layered and fixed prices.



Fixed Energy Plus

Lock in a fixed supply rate while managing your pass-through costs.



Index Price

Get flexibility to pursue competitive pricing and capitalize on value in the market.



Flexible Strategy Profile




Custom power strategies

If your organization views energy spending as an investment to be optimized, our custom approaches to purchasing energy can meet your needs. Our energy experts will work with you to build strategies that meet your usage profile, risk tolerance, organizational priorities and more.



Benefit from our expertise and get a customized strategy tailored to your needs.



Custom Strategy Profile


Your tool to make energy decisions easier

Your operation has unique energy needs and goals. Whether it's the way you buy energy or the way you use it, there are a lot of potential strategies you can pursue. But which one is right for you? We want to help you find out. Try our interactive tool designed to help you take the next steps.