Powering Resilience

Energy resilience is business resilience


Keep your business on 24/7

As more businesses become digital, the challenge is not just about keeping the lights on. It's about protecting your business systems and precious information resources. It's about managing continuity, and managing risk. We can help you keep your business "always on" today and protect against future energy uncertainty tomorrow.

"Our customers often ask us to help improve their resilience. There are more, cleaner technologies for businesses to generate and store energy than there used to be and there are market mechanisms for businesses to generate income from energy assets, meaning a back-up asset is no longer a stranded asset."

- Jorge Pikunic, Managing Director, Centrica Business Solutions

Benefits for your operation

Ensure continuity of supply

Secure your energy supply and scale it for the future with our on-site generation and storage solutions. Your business and customers’ will be protected, even if you experience a system failure.

Reduce operational failures

Modernize your energy infrastructure so that it's more reliable and less likely to incur downtime and costs. Extend the life of on-site energy assets with insights to predict potential equipment failures.

Minimize commercial risk

Implement a commercial strategy that reflects your appetite for risk, helps you forecast and manage costs accurately, and protects you from market volatility, enabling a predictable cost base.

Strengthen your compliance

Reduce your risk of noncompliance, and avoid damaging incidents and potential penalties, with intelligence from our energy management platforms and guidance on regulatory and compliance issues.

Protect against market change

Develop an energy strategy for the long term that takes advantage of our deep experience of energy markets and helps you stay protected from potential future market disruptions.

The right technology to achieve your goals


Panoramic Power®

Gain unprecedented insights into your energy usage. Our simple, non-intrusive wireless sensors provide device-level insights to improve business performance.

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Power Generation

Improve your resilience and create new revenue opportunities. Power generation assets can be optimized to deliver greater ROI.

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Demand Response

Generate new opportunities for revenue by reducing energy usage during peak demand or from on-site generation.

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Combined Heat & Power

A new option for an efficient form of on-site power generation, creating resiliency and opportunity for reducing usage.

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Energy Efficiency

Empower your operation with end-to-end efficiency assessment and strategy to take greater control of your energy footprint.

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Battery Storage

Transform the way you use energy. Charge your batteries when energy prices are low and run off them when energy prices are high.

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Gain competitive advantage from your energy

We now offer the energy intelligence businesses need to power performance, resilience and growth


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