Powering Growth

Unlock new sources of value and advantage


Turn your energy into a business advantage

Pressures on businesses are increasing and long-established business models are being disrupted. The challenge is to future-proof your business sustainability.

We can help you develop an energy strategy to drive growth by finding new sources of value and advantage, around the world – liberating you from the constraints of the energy market.

"Large energy users can and want to do a lot more at a local level to control their energy and turn it into an enabler, or even a source of advantage for their businesses."

- Jorge Pikunic, Managing Director, Centrica Business Solutions

Benefits for your operation

Uncover new opportunities

Support your long-term growth objectives with a carefully-designed energy strategy. Utilize innovative energy technologies to underpin new business models, services and revenue streams for your business.

Create a more agile business

Free your business from the constraints of the energy market. With enhanced access to wholesale markets, combined with our commercial flexibility and expert knowledge, you can get the right energy, in the right place, in the right way.

Free up resources for growth initiatives

Spend more time growing your business and less time thinking about how you use and manage energy. Free up resources, time and money so you can focus on what’s important to you.

Make sustainability a competitive advantage

Reduce your energy consumption and carbon emissions with energy efficiency technologies. By delivering on your sustainability commitments, you will enhance your reputation with customers and drive competitive advantage.

Power your global expansion

Spend less time, cost and effort entering new markets. Our ability to provide a consistent range of energy solutions and services across a broad global footprint will make it easier for you to expand internationally.

The right technology to achieve your goals


Panoramic Power®

Gain unprecedented insights into your energy usage. Our simple, non-intrusive wireless sensors provide device-level insights to improve business performance.

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Power Generation

Improve your resilience and create new revenue opportunities. Power generation assets can be optimized to deliver greater ROI.

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Demand Response

Generate new opportunities for revenue by reducing energy usage during peak demand or from on-site generation.

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Combined Heat & Power

A new option for an efficient form of on-site power generation, creating resiliency and opportunity for reducing usage.

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Energy Efficiency

Empower your operation with end-to-end efficiency assessment and strategy to take greater control of your energy footprint.

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Battery Storage

Transform the way you use energy. Charge your batteries when energy prices are low and run off them when energy prices are high.

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Gain competitive advantage from your energy

We now offer the energy intelligence businesses need to power performance, resilience and growth


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