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The energy your operation uses, stores or generates on-site can also represent a significant growth opportunity by participating in Demand Response programs.

Leveraging the opportunity that a new distributed energy world brings, Demand Response allows large energy users to generate a new revenue stream by helping the grid balance supply and demand during periods of peak demand.

Expertly managed participation

Direct Energy Business will help you enroll in the Demand Response program offered by your Regional Transmission Organization (RTO). Then, we'll help you customize your plan for curtailing your usage during any called events—with limited disruption to your operation.

Demand Response driven by PowerRadar®

Through PowerRadar®, our energy monitoring app, we can provide you with real-time visibility into your performance prior to, during and after called Demand Response events.

PowerRadar will show your site’s load curve in relation to your site's baseline and your target line. The target is calculated as the baseline minus the power you agreed to curtail during an event. In some programs and markets, those lines are dynamic and calculated on the fly, and thus do not appear as straight lines.

Distributed energy delivers more possibilities

There are more ways to participate in Demand Response than simply curtailing your usage. In collaboration with our sister company, Centrica Business Solutions, we can manage your participation in Demand Response with solutions that require zero disruption, including standby generation, combined heat & power (CHP) or battery storage.

Centrica Business Solutions


Centrica Business Solutions

The energy industry is rapidly evolving and you need a provider that can help you stay ahead of it. At Direct Energy Business, we're driving the industry forward—by doing more than just supplying energy. In collaboration with our sister company, Centrica Business Solutions, we can now offer an unrivaled suite of next-generation energy solutions for businesses.

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