Ener-G Combined
Heat and Power (CHP)

Improve operational efficiency, reduce energy bills
and add business resilience

Your Power. You're in Control.

The energy landscape is changing. Increased demand, escalating costs and unremitting pressure on the grid mean that businesses need to start looking for an alternative energy source – one that gives you the power to control your own energy.

Ener-G Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is designed to do just that. It’s secure, flexible, cost-effective, easy to manage and gives you real-time insight into your individual usage.

What is Combined Heat and Power?

CHP works by converting a natural gas into both electricity and heat in a single process, right on your own site. It’s one of the most efficient sources of energy production - improving the resilience of your on-site supply, reducing your costs and helping you meet your CO2 emissions targets.

Benefits for your operation

Secure your supply

Keep energy levels constant with a steady and stable Cogeneration System that can keep your business operating smoothly.

Reduce running costs

Cut your site's energy costs by up to 25%, with zero capital outlay options and payback in 3-5 years.

Stronger compliance

Reduce your energy consumption and emissions, helping you to meet compliance targets and potentially gain valuable government incentives.

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In a nutshell

A brief overview of ENER-G CHP and what it can do for your business.

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The journey to CHP

Further detail on how ENER-G CHP works and the installation process.

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CHP in action

How ENER-G CHP is helping organisations reduce energy costs and carbon emission.

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