Battery Storage

Improve operational efficiency, uncover new growth opportunities and reduce business risk

Transform the way you use energy

The way energy is sourced, generated and supplied to businesses is changing. With ever-increasing demand, escalating costs and relentless pressure on the grid, businesses need to think smarter and start looking for alternative energy sources.

Many are already turning to renewable technologies but there’s still an issue of intermittent supply, so the ability to store generated energy is vital. The advancement of lower-cost, longer-life storage technologies means that batteries are now a viable, effective option.

What is Battery Storage?

Modern hi-powered lithium-ion battery storage systems can provide sufficient long-lasting energy to buildings and vehicles. They can even help re-generate the grid by exporting excess power. Battery systems from Centrica Business Solutions are fully scalable, can be recharged naturally using wind and solar power, and can help provide your business with a number of financial, operational and environmental benefits.


Benefits for your operation


Energy you can rely on

If the main supply fails, your business won't.

Flexible storage systems to fit your business.

Recharge and reuse

Store your surplus energy.

Recharge during low-demand, low-cost periods.

Generate revenue

Export excess battery charge to the grid through our Demand Response management capabilities.

Sell excess energy to the short-term power market.

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