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Your end-to-end energy provider.

The energy industry is rapidly evolving, and Direct Energy Business is driving the change—by doing more than just supplying energy. In collaboration with our sister company, Centrica Business Solutions , we offer an unrivaled portfolio of advanced end-to-end energy solutions—for your supply and your demand.


your energy supply

Get a natural gas and electricity procurement strategy customized to your unique needs.

Take control
of your energy

Optimize the performance of your energy footprint with advanced monitoring and analytics.

sustainability goals

Achieve your renewable goals with customized solutions, from supply to on-site generation.

Build resilience
into your operation

Keep your business "always on" today and protect against future energy uncertainty tomorrow.

Power in your hands

What is distributed energy? How can it help ensure long-term growth for your enterprise? Learn how distributed energy can help your large business manage energy costs, demand and consumption.

Centrica Business Solutions


"Direct Energy Business helps provide us with a strategy as to how we can buy electricity now, and in the future, in the most cost-effective manner. I think Direct Energy would be a great resource for anyone in the manufacturing industry."

- John Bass, Nucor Corporation


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