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From smart, customizable solutions for buying electricity and natural gas to investment-style purchasing strategies as well as solutions for managing your energy demand, Direct Energy Business has proven capabilities you can rely on.

electricity supply solutions

Electricity Supply Solutions

Explore a range of solutions for electricity procurement including fixed and index price strategies, block & index and our unmatched PowerPortfolio® solution.

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natural gas supply solutions

Natural Gas Supply Solutions

As one of the largest natural gas suppliers in North America, Direct Energy Business has the full range of solutions to meet the unique needs of large organizations.

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energy management solutions

Business Solutions

Use energy in new ways to take control and gain competitive advantage. Increase resilience, improve operating efficiency and unlock new sources of value.

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electricity supply solutions

Solutions for Every Industry

From manufacturing to healthcare to commercial real estate, get energy solutions tailored to your operation.

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natural gas supply solutions

Strategic Services

See how our team of energy strategists creates managed procurement solutions that deliver a return on your investment.

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energy management solutions

About Us

No matter what industry you're in, we have solutions to match. See why more than 240,000 businesses choose us.

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Smarter Energy Snapshots

Technology and Entrepreneurship Center of Houston, Inc.

This Houston business and technology incubator is cycling off or reducing A/C levels during off-peak hours, performing LED lighting upgrades and much more, minimizing usage wherever possible across their footprint.

Unionville Vineyards

This winery faces a number of energy efficiency challenges because of its historic, but aging buildings. They’ve worked with Direct Energy Business to identify where they could save energy, and they have furthered their efforts by adding timers to their lighting and HVAC systems.

Cambria County War Memorial

Cambria County War Memorial, like many other older buildings of its type, faces a number of energy challenges. They have been working with Direct Energy Business on strategies for maximizing their energy strategy that include shifting power consumption and purchasing power at advantageous pricing.

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