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Energy Strategies for State/Local Governments & Agencies

Direct Energy Business delivers smart electricity and gas strategies to local and state governments and agencies that consider the pressures of reducing costs as well as energy usage.

According to the EPA, state and local government agencies spend more than $10 billion a year on energy to provide public services and meet constituent needs.1 In times of budget pressures, sustainability initiatives and a drive for greater energy efficiency throughout government, employing an energy strategy that addresses these concerns is paramount.


Know where—and when—you're using energy

Your focus is on serving your constituents, and we want to help make your community or agency better by providing opportunities to use your budgets, people and resources more effectively by actually buying less of what we sell. 

Starting with innovative technology that provides device and equipment level visibility into where—and when—your community or agency uses energy, we can help you identify opportunities for smarter and more efficient usage. Next, we’ll help you put in place the specific energy strategy that helps you meet your goals, from reducing costs to energy efficiency to sustainability initiatives.

Start buying less of what we sell

Let us help you get started—we have the regulatory insight and knowledge of government-specific needs on the local, state, and federal levels to easily navigate the government purchasing process while complying with all formal RFP requirements.

The information on this page is here as a resource for you to get started on your path to energy efficiency and smarter energy strategies. If you have any questions, or would like to speak one of our representatives, please contact us today.


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