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We’ll help you navigate energy decision-making.

Discover your energy management considerations

At Direct Energy Business, we know that energy is more than a cost to be managed – and we partner with you from the beginning to identify, develop and implement the best energy strategy for your organization.

Start exploring your options right now. Take our four-question assessment to see our initial recommendations for supply and demand energy solutions. Whether you’re looking for an energy partner for the first time or comparing options as part of a routine RFP process, you’re in the right place.

This assessment will only take about 2 minutes.

Which of the following energy procurement approaches typically works best for your organization?

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When it comes to your energy procurement approach, would your organization be willing to trade some budget certainty for cost potential?

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Does your organization engage a third party to assist with energy procurement or management?

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Does your organization currently source renewable energy supply?

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Does your organization manage energy usage or consumption via any of the following approaches?

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Your energy purchasing consideration


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Meeting your energy needs in ever more sustainable ways

As one of the largest commercial and industrial retail energy suppliers in North America, Direct Energy Business can help you implement strategies to buy and use natural gas and electricity in ways that meet your unique needs. We also help businesses accelerate their energy transition by offering a suite of renewable energy solutions and services.

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