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Core MyAccount Features

Get all of your account information at your fingertips

MyAccount allows you to keep track of all of your account details easily. Track your usage, view your invoices and review your payments for one or all of your accounts. You can also use tools like Usage and Spend Alerts to keep track of unusual account activity or set up reports to track your contract performance, monthly spend, usage, and more.


Gain account access from anywhere

Our responsive design lets you view MyAccount from any device, giving you the opportunity to manage your accounts from anywhere, any time.


Customized options for your business

No matter your business size or type, whether you're a broker or third-party payer, MyAccount provides customized options to support your specific needs.


Navigating Accounts: Customers and Accounts Dropdowns

These dropdowns allow you to select "all" or specific individual accounts to view detailed information about. If you have multiple customers, you can also switch between them via the dropdown.

navigating accounts



Home Page

The Home page provides an overview of your accounts. Here you can see your recent invoices for your accounts, your current balance due, and graphs illustrating your usage for the current month, the previous month and same month last year.

myaccount home page



Explore Usage

Compare your monthly usage and spend data for each account to your monthly usage and spend totals from last year (or any prior year that you have data for in MyAccount) and plot it in a printable chart. You can also view detailed usage for each of your service locations and create Excel reports of your usage history. Click "Show Me" on the Explore Usage page to see our helpful on-screen guide.

usage report



Invoices & Payments

MyAccount retains records of all your invoices and payments. On the 'View Invoice History' page (within the My Invoices menu) you can view your invoices, download copies of your invoices, send invoices to others, and create Excel reports of your invoice history. To set up paperless billing and edit invoice preferences, you can change settings on the 'Go Paperless' page (also within the My Invoices menu). On the 'View Payment History' page (My Invoices menu), you can view your payment history and create Excel reports of your payment history.

If any of your accounts are eligible for online bill-pay, you can find this function on the 'Pay Invoices' page under the My Invoices menu. Otherwise, the 'Pay Invoices' page will provide you with specific information on how you can pay your electricity or natural gas invoices.


Paying your bill online

Certain natural gas and electricity customers can pay their invoices online using MyAccount. Account(s) that are eligible for online bill-pay will have a green "Payment Options" button visible to the right of the "Accounts" dropdown when they are selected from that dropdown. Learn more about how to make electricity payments or natural gas payments online.




My Reporting Tools

Reporting and analyses can be key to making better energy decisions. Use energy market alerts to track specific market changes that are important to your strategy. Use usage and spend alerts to monitor usual or unusual account activity. Choose from a list of helpful reports that you can run to get a more in-depth look at contract performance, power billing performance, usage, payments and more.



Review Contracts

'Review Contracts' page under the 'My Energy Footprint' menu, you can request and view your contracts online. MyAccount will also alert you when your contract is near expiration or ready for renewal.



My Preferences

The ‘My Preferences’ menu contains a host of options for further customizing your MyAccount experience and managing how you work with us. Stay informed of important energy news, check your Read Messages inbox for notifications, and grant third-party access to your power and gas accounts in MyAccount.




Note: If you are billed by your utility on our behalf (also called "utility consolidated billing") you cannot pay your bills online through MyAccount.

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