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You and your customers can now add and edit profiles to create meaningful groups of the customers you have access to:

  • Group your customers into meaningful sets.
  • You can create profiles with any combination of customers that you have access to.

To add customers or maintain profiles, select ‘Edit Access & Accounts’ under the My Preferences menu. This page has a section for adding customers to your username if they are not already added and a Profiles section where you can create, clone, edit or delete profiles.

After you have created your first profile, a Profiles section will appear in the customer list.

Select a profile in the customer list to filter the accounts list to only include those accounts which apply. The rest of the information on the page will be updated to show only the information with applies to the selected customers and accounts.


Broker / Third party access

We have reorganized how energy brokers and third party payers can work with their customers and be approved to have access to their customers' information. Our new automated system replaces a legacy paper-based process and will ease your customer onboarding process. Customers will now use this automated system to grant access to their Direct Energy Business accounts

Learn more about granting access


Invoice Preferences

MyAccount allows you to choose how you receive your invoices or invoice notifications. On the Go Paperless page under My Invoices, you can set your invoice preferences and sign up for paperless billing. Note: paperless billing options are not available through MyAccount for utility billed accounts.

To set up an Invoice is Ready email

  • Select the accounts in the table that you want to receive email notifications for and save your preferences. Once saved, you will receive emails letting you know that your invoices are ready to be viewed in MyAccount

receive PDFs of your invoices attached to your “Invoice is Ready” emails:

  • Select the “Include as Attachment” option for the given accounts and save your preferences.

To enroll your accounts in paperless billing:

  • Read and agree to the Paperless Billing Terms and Conditions (this is required). 
  • After agreeing to the terms and conditions, you can select which accounts you would like to enroll in paperless billing. 
  • If you see a “Please Call,” message in the Paperless Billing column option, please contact a Customer Service Representative to set up your account(s) for paperless billing.  The specific phone number to call is located under the “Need Help?” link in the top left-hand corner of the page.
  • Note: once your account(s) is enrolled in paperless billing, you will no longer receive a paper bill in the mail.



In MyAccount you can subscribe to receive emails and newsletters about the Energy Market and information what’s happening at Direct Energy.


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