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Seams Easy Enough

A few simple stitches are making a big difference in the longevity of N95 masks in local hospitals.


homemade masks

These fabric masks are being distributed to local first responders, nurses, clinics and hospitals.

Like many people across the country who are adhering to stay-at-home orders, there is often new-found "free time" to do things you may not have thought possible or had time to do in the past.

For Linda Linton, a Direct Energy Business Associate Sales Analyst, that free time was quickly filled when she began looking for a way to make a difference with her time and resources. Linton identified a local Facebook group, the Sienna Face Mask Makers Project, which is part of Linton's main community Facebook Group, Sienna Plantation (a suburb of Houston, TX), who had organized a cloth mask-making project.

Although Linton does not consider herself a savvy seamstress, and admittedly had not yet explored all of the features on her sewing machine, she pulled it out of storage in hopes that samples and her wherewithal would be enough.

Over the weekends and after work on weekdays, Linton and her 13-year-old daughter, who is now homeschooling due to the stay-at-home order, have been sewing fabric masks that are being distributed to the local first responders, nurses, clinics and hospitals who need them.

According to Linton, the fabric masks can be washed, sanitized and reused, therefore they're being used to prolong the life of N95 masks that are still in shortage in some healthcare facilities. In addition to going to local hospitals, some masks are also going to workers at local school district food distribution sites, and to Sienna Plantation residents—especially children—who have compromised immune systems.

So far, using fabric being donated by members of the Sienna Plantation community, volunteers have been able to make about 375 masks per week.

Linton expressed how this unexpected opportunity has felt: "I am humbled and honored to contribute to flattening the curve and helping to save lives with my amateur sewing skills!"




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