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Savvy energy buyers know choosing the lowest rate on paper doesn't always mean paying less in the long run. When price components vary, it's difficult to make a true rate comparison.

With pass-through energy solutions, your business can float price components to take advantage of savings opportunities in the marketplace.

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Why choose a pass-through solution?


Fixed rate solutions

A fixed rate solution contains all energy components wrapped into one rate — your price. For a fixed contract, all elements are set for the length of the contract term.

  • Maximum price protection | Customers choose a fixed rate for maximum price protection.
  • Premium | A fixed rate includes a premium to cover cost components that may vary over the duration of your service.


Pass-through solutions

A pass-through solution includes both fixed rate components and pass-through charges. These demand charges are floating costs based on the energy market.

  • Maximum savings | Pass-through solutions offer tools for managing usage patterns to save money. If market costs fall, you can lower your total energy spend to benefit your business.
  • No Premium | Ensures you pay for your direct charges at a market cost and no premiums are added.



The costs to transport and store electricity and investments to improve the grid have increased transmission and capacity charges. As a result, non-supply fees have surged and customers in certain markets may be locked into spending more with a fixed rate.

Our pass-through solutions allow you to flex different parts of your energy costs to avoid paying more than your fair share of system charges. Maximize the value of market costs by balancing risk and opportunity.


Want to make electricity costs work for you?

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About Direct Energy Business


About Direct Energy Business


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