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If you value budget certainty, our fixed rate electricity solution could be a great match for your business.


The electricity market moves just like any other commodity market, making it difficult to predict costs and gain control of your budget. Businesses that choose a fixed rate solution will minimize the risk of price volatility by securing an energy supply rate that will not change for the length of their agreement.

Choosing a fixed rate solution provides predictability in monthly and yearly energy spends, allowing your business to keep an eye on the future instead of getting hung up on the day-to-day energy price.

In addition to your supply rate, our fixed rate solutions allow you to fix other market-based components of your energy price, meaning you truly have control of your entire energy budget.


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There’s a reason 3 out of 5 Direct Energy Business electricity customers chose a fixed rate solution in 2019.


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Interested in a bit more flexibility in an electricity solution?

We've got options that allow you to lock in as much or as little of your cost as you like.


About Direct Energy Business


About Direct Energy Business


As one of the largest commercial and industrial retail energy suppliers in North America, Direct Energy Business can help you implement strategies to buy and use natural gas and electricity in ways that meet your unique needs. We also help businesses accelerate their energy transition by offering a suite of renewable energy solutions and services.



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