What sets us apart?

As an energy broker, you have unique needs that help you achieve business success. At Direct Energy Business, we can meet all those needs thanks to our deep understanding of today’s energy markets. Serving 78% of the Fortune 100® companies, we help businesses capitalize on energy choice through industry expertise, competitive products, flexible choices and superior service.

What can Direct Energy Business do for you?


chartMaximize profitability

With a range of industry-leading products and services, your customers will attain better budget certainty and may achieve savings for their energy supply.


laptopGrow your business quickly

Gain instant access to a dedicated Direct Energy Business sales representative, enroll in customized trainings, leverage our easy-to-understand contracts and access our online broker sales program resource center as well as other valuable selling tools to help you target potential customers' needs.


toolsAccess leading account management and energy tools

Provide your customers with the tools and services they need to help manage their energy spend while helping them decide if a fixed or market-based approach is best for their business. We can help find a solution that fits each of your customer's needs.


flagDeliver industry-leading products and services

Our wide range of offerings will help your customers meet or exceed their energy goals.


handshakeImprove credibility with your customers

Develop and maintain long-term relationships with your customers by leveraging our trusted reputation, superior customer service and financial stability.


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About Direct Energy Business

Direct Energy Business is part of Centrica plc, a global energy leader. Through energy choice and a suite of innovative products and services, our customers buy electricity and natural gas in ways that help to better manage the impact of energy on their budget and operations. We serve more than 180,000 businesses of all sizes and from all industries across North America.


We serve more than 180,000 businesses of all sizes

Part of one of the largest energy providers in the U.S.

Serving 78% of the Fortune 100® companies



What our brokers say about Direct Energy Business:

"We serve thousands of commercial customers in several different markets, so our pricing desk is a busy place. Having a retail energy pricing partner who understands the importance of a quick response and can balance that with the necessary care to get contracts and prices done right is a tremendous asset to our business."

- Bret Kortkamp, Senior Relationship Manager

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