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How Smart Energy Technologies are Transforming Small Businesses

small business owner uses the Hive mobile app on an ipad
Posted November 20, 2018 | By Direct Energy Business

Every year, U.S. small businesses collectively spend more than $60 billion on energy costs. How businesses purchase energy, monitor performance, and adjust usage can offer a competitive advantage, saving both time and money to keep business owners in control. If you’re looking to improve the energy efficiency of your business, smart technology offers a powerful solution. 


Why Solar Energy is a Smart Bet

Posted July 16, 2018 | By Direct Energy Business

Why Solar Energy is a Smart Bet 

As renewable energy popularity surges, solar power has emerged as the clear-cut winner in the United States. But it's in its very early infancy with a lot of room to grow. Here's why.


8 Business Reasons to be Eco-Friendly

8 Business Reasons to be Eco-Friendly
Posted May 10, 2018 | By Direct Energy Business

8 Business Reasons to be Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly practices can be a desirable choice for any business - whether you’re a startup designing your approach, an established business looking for new tips or an enterprise with sustainability goals. Of course, you have a lot more to gain than good PR. There are some very real rewards when a business goes green. 


6 Smart Gadgets that can Lower Your Energy Bill

smart gadgets
Posted March 22, 2018 | By Direct Energy Business

The "Internet of Things" has come a long way in a short amount of time. You can easily connect nearly any electronic device and control them with your smartphone from anywhere. And you can also use these smart gadgets to manage energy costs. 



Summer Energy Outlook

summer energy outlook

Be ready for warmer weather. See what weather is trending for summer months and find out how this might impact energy prices

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