Energy Market Update: March 7, 2018

Posted March 7, 2018 | By Tim Bigler

How will the new LNG export facility in Cove Point, Maryland affect the United States?


Energy Market Update: February 21, 2018

Posted February 21, 2018 | By Tim Bigler

How will the natural gas market be impacted by commodity of price at the Henry Hub?


NASCAR Accelerates Toward Green Energy

Posted February 16, 2018 | By Direct Energy Business


When you watch the Daytona 500 this weekend, you'll be seeing a lot of green - and it's not the colors of the cars zipping around the track. This year, NASCAR has taken some major steps to improve their energy consumption and go greener.


Powering the Winter Games: Part II

Posted February 13, 2018 | By Direct Energy Business

 powering winter games

Last week on the Direct Energy Business blog we chatted about the winter games and the efforts organizers have put into making the games as energy efficient as possible. Today we’ll be looking back at games from the past to see how they measure up to this winter’s efforts.


4 Big Things to Watch in 2018

what to expect 2018

Direct Energy Business President John Schultz sits down to discuss what noteworthy trends & policy updates to watch in the year ahead.

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How will your energy bill fare this winter?

winter energy outlook

This five-question assessment shows where your business could be losing energy.

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