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5 Things You Should Know About Canada's Carbon Tax

Emission of smoke on the horizon over Lake Ontario
Posted November 13, 2019 | By atinjum

Emission of smoke on the horizon over Lake Ontario

As temperatures drop, we expect to see natural gas prices go up with increasing demand. While a number of usual factors will continue to play a role in gas prices this winter, one factor will have a very noticeable impact in Canada: the new federal carbon tax. 

What does the recently implemented carbon charge actually mean for residential and business energy consumers? On today's blog, we explore five things Canadian consumers should know about the federal carbon tax.  


Energy Deregulation: A Progress Report and Look Ahead

Engineer oversees electrical lines
Posted September 6, 2019 | By atinjum

 Engineer overseeing electrical lines

Has the energy industry achieved its goals of deregulation? Find out on today's blog from Vice President of Sales, Jim Connolly.


5 Virginia Electricity Choice Myths – And the Truth Behind Them

Richmond, Virginia, skyline at night
Posted August 29, 2019 | By atinjum

Richmond, Virginia, skyline at night 

Electric choice in Virginia is complicated. To set the record straight, we’re fact-checking five myths about the state's energy market. Get the truth on today's blog.


Protect Your Texas Small Business from High Energy Prices

Texas Electricity Distribution Lines
Posted August 22, 2019 | By atinjum

Texas Electricity Distribution Lines 

They say everything is big in Texas, and last week, that may have included the electric bill. If you got hit by skyrocketing rates on August 13, find out how a fixed rate electricity plan can help your small business.


Summer Energy Outlook

summer energy outlook

Be ready for warmer weather. See what weather is trending for summer months and find out how this might impact energy prices

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