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Top 5 Benefits of a Dedicated Energy Strategist

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Navigating the energy market can be overwhelming, especially when energy management is one of many business tasks. A dedicated Energy Strategist can help. These experts have the industry expertise and regional knowledge to 1) design a customized energy strategy and 2) align departments from across your business to implement it. Think teaming up with an energy expert could be the right choice for your organization? Learn more about how they can offer guidance and monitor the ever-changing power and gas markets.


1) Work with the best experts in the industry.

Our Strategic Services Team has more than 100 years of combined experience offering expert consultation and energy market information. Your assigned energy expert will be your point of contact and touch base with you as often as your organization needs. Typically, conversations are ongoing as the market changes all the time and meetings are structured around your objectives.

“Our team’s retention rate is strong because we build relationships. We get to know our clients and their business needs well over years,” says Melissa Smith, Senior Energy Strategist.

Every member of the Strategic Services Team covers a specific energy market and ISO which enables them to become a regional market expert. Your Energy Strategist studies major market intelligence, interfaces with regulatory teams and energy traders and gathers research to help you navigate the energy landscape where your business operates. If your organization’s energy procurement covers multiple energy markets, you'll get to work with an expert from each market to access the best opportunities and intel for each area.


2) Design a strategy that's completely customized for you.

Developing a plan starts with you and Strategic Services working together to identify your business’ needs, goals, budget and risk tolerance. Then your strategist can use their market knowledge to find the most competitive pricing for energy buying and demand management.

They also help align your strategy with the people who are responsible for executing it. This includes scheduling calls to determine what’s best for all your energy, facilities, finance and sustainability groups. Energy Strategist partner with you to implement a unified strategy that addresses needs across multiple sites and energy markets. 


3) Offload day-to-day energy market monitoring.

On a day-to-day basis, the Strategic Services Team tracks market fundamentals that affect electricity and natural gas, such as supply, demand and inventory levels, power price trends, and weather forecasts. Strategists monitor the market on your behalf and can set floor or ceiling targets to capture opportunities during market dips, mitigate risk, and protect your energy investment.

"In a single day, markets can end up trading outside of a client's range and blow the whole budget. Our team ensures that you don't find yourself in that position,” says Smith.

They also share forward price trends and explain what various changes could mean for your energy price. A dedicated energy expert keeps an eye on budget targets and spending, identifies buying opportunities and is a resource to help with recommendations that guide you throughout your contract.


4) Receive custom market reporting to augment and back-up business decisions.

Working one-on-one with an energy strategist offers added security to facilitate more confident energy buying decisions justify ongoing energy purchases with quality data.

Energy strategists provide market intelligence information, like forward pricing charts, to inform your procurement decisions. Individuals who handle energy procurement can learn more about the industry from their Energy strategist and download reports to share with their leadership team. These reports and data are customized for your organization within the EnergyPortfolio™ web portal and mobile app for power customers, and custom reporting is developed by the Strategic Services team for gas customers. 


5) Prepare your energy strategy for the long-term.

Your strategist will identify beneficial future market opportunities based on your budget and risk tolerance to provide insights beyond your current contract.

“Along with your current buying strategy, we want to help you manage demand, decrease usage, and explore renewable energy options,” says Smith.

Many organizations are interested in becoming more sustainable but may not know where to start. Energy Strategists can explain how to integrate renewable options into your overall strategy - from buying renewable energy to implementing efficiency measures.

No matter what your energy market experience, we’re here to empower you to make the best decisions for your business now and in the future.

Develop a custom energy strategy alongside our team.

Updated: August 31, 2020 Posted: August 31, 2020