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Top 3 Energy Stories from September

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Energy Deregulation: A Progress Report and Look Ahead

 Engineer oversees electrical lines

When power markets in the United States first opened to retail energy suppliers, the immediate result was increased competition.

With more competitive markets, the energy industry intended to achieve three goals: Give consumers more buying options, create competitive pricing so consumers save on their bills and ecourage innovation, resulting in unique energy offerings. So what progress has been made toward achieving those goals?

Watch as Jim Connolly, Vice President of Sales at Direct Energy Business, presents a snapshot of today’s deregulated energy markets and the opportunities and challenges ahead.

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The Energy Market is Low – Don’t Make This Mistake

Graph moving downward

Imagine that the energy market has dropped to an all-time low and it seems that forward pricing can’t go lower.

It looks like a great opportunity to save by locking in a fixed rate. After all, prices can’t go lower, right? Actually, history has proven that assumption wrong.Choosing a fixed rate to cover your whole load may be the easiest strategy – and may yield considerable savings. But for medium and large energy consumers, locking in your entire price, even when the market is good, may also leave value on the table.

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4 Things to Watch for During Hurricane Season


The end of summer doesn’t necessarily mean the end of Hurricane Season.

In fact, according to the last 100 years of data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the peak of hurricane season occurs in mid-September. That means bad weather could still be on the horizon and it could impact your organization, from power outages to your total energy budget. While you can’t control the weather, you can learn to interpret the warning signs of how hurricanes could impact your organization and energy spending.

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Posted: October 01, 2019