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Top 3 Energy Stories from February

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What Businesses Expect from an Energy Supplier in 2019


It’s no secret: consumers expect innovation from their energy provider.

In 2019, that means customized energy strategies, access to the latest energy market insights, and renewable energy services. Direct Energy Business President John Schultz offers his take on some of the most pressing energy issues of today.

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What is the state of retail energy choice?

John Schultz, Direct Energy Business President 

After nearly two decades of competition, where does retail energy choice stand?

Several significant signs of expansion for energy use occurred in 2019. Direct Energy Business President John Schultz provides insight on the current state of the industry and several hot energy topics in this interview.

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Energy Market Update: February 6, 2019

Energy Market Update 

At the end of 2018, NYMEX natural gas spot prices reached almost $5, only to recently fall below $3.

Direct Energy Business Strategist Tim Bigler may know what’s going on in his latest energy market analysis video.

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Posted: March 04, 2019