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Top 3 Energy Stories from May

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Summer Energy Outlook 2019: Weather

Weather forecastLast summer was a hot one — the fourth hottest on record, in fact.

Moreover, the most populous areas of the country experienced a particularly warm season, with fewer cool periods than usual. Consequently, electricity demand was high across the country.

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Why Does Your Energy Company Have a Meteorologist On Staff?

meteorologists tracking weather

Mark Twain allegedly once said, “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” However, the experts at your energy company are doing something about the weather.

While they obviously can’t control the forecast, they can collect and analyze weather data to determine the best energy buying strategy for businesses in any climate. That’s why a meteorologist is a key member of any energy procurement team.

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Summer Energy Outlook 2019: Prices

Energy market graph

It’s tempting to treat past trends like a crystal ball.

What we learn by comparing different markets, however, is equally valuable, and allows for strategy based on granular comparative data rather than speculation. In this webinar, we do just that by comparing two of the biggest energy markets in the country.

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Posted: June 04, 2019