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Top 3 Energy Stories from Spring

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The Transformative Power of Solar Energy

solar panels in the city

With your daily business operations, the last thing you want to worry about is the reliability and cost of your business’s energy supply.

An investment in a solar and storage solution helps businesses generate and store their own power onsite, saving them money on their kilowatt-hour energy charges and demand charges.

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The Value of Layering Your Energy Procurement 

busy restaurant

With so many options for energy procurement, managing energy for your business can be daunting.

Because energy prices are constantly in flux, a good rate today might not be there tomorrow – or even in 15 minutes in some cases. A misstep while locking in energy rates can end up costing thousands of dollars, now and over the long term.

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Summer Energy Outlook 2019: Prices

Energy market graph

It’s tempting to treat past trends like a crystal ball.

What we learn by comparing different markets, however, is equally valuable, and allows for strategy based on granular comparative data rather than speculation. In this webinar, we do just that by comparing two of the biggest energy markets in the country.

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Posted: July 03, 2019