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Earn Small Business Perks with MyEnergy Rewards

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MyEnergy Rewards

 Whether shopping for groceries, taking a cross-country flight or staying in a hotel, today’s consumers are often rewarded for their business and loyalty through rewards programs. Why shouldn’t you pick up some extra perks for purchasing energy, too?

Thanks to MyEnergy Rewards, a new loyalty program from Direct Energy Business, you can.

Your loyalty deserves to be rewarded.

Through MyEnergy Rewards, we invite small business customers to earn points that can be redeemed for exclusive products, popular retail gift cards or Direct Energy Business merchandise. Energy is already a part of your business expenses. Now, you can gain access to additional benefits just for being our customer.

With this new program, small business customers earn redeemable points on a regular basis. You get points for signing up, remaining a customer, following the company’s social media outlets or providing feedback to us. We’ll also celebrate special anniversaries with additional MyEnergy Rewards points. It’s our way of thanking small business customers for choosing Direct Energy Business.

Start earning as soon as you sign up.

Eligible small business customers can choose their rewards from a broad online catalogue that is regularly updated with new offers. MyEnergy Rewards customers can cash in points at any time, and those points never expire. Go ahead — treat your employees to morning coffee, purchase chart-topping tunes that customers can enjoy in your store or cover some expenses for your next business trip. With MyEnergy Rewards, you have the power to choose.

MyEnergy Rewards is just one way we’re looking out for our small business customers. For more educational resources and tools to power your business, visit our small business resource center.

Earn perks while you power your business with MyEnergy Rewards

Posted: July 25, 2019