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Top 3 Energy Stories from July

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What Data Centers Need From an Energy Strategy

Data center employees analyzing energy usage

Our modern world runs on data. According to IBM, 90 percent of all data was created in the last two years.

That intensive spike in data usage and generation has translated to some serious energy use in data centers across the globe. In fact, data centers are now estimated to make up a whopping 3 percent of total electricity consumption in the United States and 2 percent around the globe. To put the latter figure into perspective: data centers now consume more electricity than the United Kingdom each year.

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Earn Small Business Perks with MyEnergy Rewards

coffee shop owner

Whether shopping for groceries, taking a cross-country flight or staying in a hotel, today’s consumers are often rewarded for their business and loyalty through rewards programs. 

Why shouldn’t you pick up some extra perks for purchasing energy, too? Thanks to MyEnergy Rewards, a new loyalty program from Direct Energy Business, you can.

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Energy Market Update - July 24

Energy Market Update

It has been a buyer’s market for electricity this year, with prices dropping consistently almost across the board.

Something changed this month, however – but is the new paradigm here to stay? Direct Energy Business Strategist Tim Bigler looked into it during his weekly Energy Market Update on July 24.

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Posted: August 01, 2019