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Top 3 Energy Stories from March

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How can Demand Response help my business? 

energy manager prepares for demand response event

Did you know that the price of electricity changes throughout the day? 

Following the rules of supply and demand, energy becomes more expensive when everyone is using it – and a failure to plan for these times of peak demand can mean a significant dent in your bottom line. Find out how a Demand Response strategy can combat peak costs.

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Energy Market Update: March 27, 2019

Energy Market Update

When demand increases, a price spike will usually follow.

So, when summertime hits in New York City and everyone cranks their AC, the whole city pays more. Direct Energy Business Strategist Tim Bigler uncovered what’s happening to peak prices across the country, and whether increased demand alone causes this market behavior.

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The Transformative Power of Solar Energy

solar panels in the city 

Solar generation can empower businesses to reduce their reliance on the grid.

It is sustainable, efficient and cost-effective, and can save money on kilowatt-hour energy charges and demand charges. Find out how you can make solar power an integral part of your business energy strategy.

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Posted: April 04, 2019