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Energy Market Update: September 5, 2018

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Power Plant Retirements in Ohio & Pennsylvania

First Energy Solutions recently announced a series of power plant retirements. The plants, representing a total of 4,077 megawatts of generating capacity, are to be deactivated on the following schedule:

  • Eastlake 6 (Eastlake, Ohio) | 24 MW | Coal | June 1, 2021

  • Bruce Mansfield Units 1-3 (Shippingport, Pa) | 2,490 MW | Coal | June 1, 2021

  • W.H. Sammis Diesel (Stratton, Ohio) | 13 MW | Diesel oil | June 1, 2021

  • W.H. Sammis Units 5-7 (Stratton, Ohio) | 1,480 MW | Coal June 1, 2022

It’s quite possible these units could stay online depending on other factors. Watch the video below to learn about those factors.

What Happens Next?

“My opinion is gas-fired generation will more than likely replace these plants,” said Direct Energy Senior Market Strategist Tim Bigler. “

Hear more of Tim's analysis by clicking the play button now:



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Posted: September 05, 2018