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Top 3 Energy Stories from September

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Fall is officially here! Take a look back and catch up on top energy stories from September. 


How Old Plants, New Plants and Bitcoin are Reshaping the Alberta Energy Market

Albert's market has been buyer's choice. But this year, the market is transforming dramatically.

The province has suddenly found itself with both less electricity to go around, and high demand among more energy consumers. Here's how you can get ahead of the market.

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Energy Market Update: June 27

First Energy recently announced power plant retirements in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

To learn what's happening next, watch Tim Bigler's analysis.

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What does 'renewable energy' actually mean for businesses?

Businesses are making renewable energy a priority in 2018.

But practically speaking, what does a shift to renewables actually look like? Discover the history of the term and explore how companies are achieving their sustainability goals.

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Posted: October 08, 2018