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How Smart Energy Technologies are Transforming Small Businesses

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Small business owners have talent for innovation and making the most out of the resources available. That’s also true with energy choices. 

Every year, U.S. small businesses collectively spend more than $60 billion on energy costs. How businesses purchase energy, monitor performance, and adjust usage can offer a competitive advantage, saving both time and money to keep you in control.

For small business owners, energy costs are both a source of concern and an opportunity for ingenuity. More than 90 percent of owners surveyed by the Small Business Administration say that they’re moderately or very concerned about their future energy costs. About half of those businesses have responded by curbing energy use through new company policies or programs, and/or purchasing more efficient technology.

Actively managing energy can yield major cost savings 

The EPA estimates that, depending on the type of industry and facility, businesses can reduce their energy costs between 10 to 30 percent through “low-cost energy efficiency measures and operational adjustments.” Without disrupting day-to-day operations and without investing significant capital, you can reduce your energy consumption, improve your bottom line, and unlock new resources to increase operational visibility and efficiencies.

Connect your business with smart technology

If you’re looking to improve the energy efficiency of your business, smart technology offers a powerful solution. 

A 2017 Deloitte survey of more than 2,000 U.S. small business owners and managers found that digitally engaged small businesses earned two times more revenue per employee, delivered four times higher revenue growth, and generated six times higher employment growth. Another study by the Small Business and Entrepreneur Council revealed that 725 million work hours per year are saved thanks to mobile app use by small business employees.

A whole host of new products empower businesses owners of all sizes to control when, where and how they consume energy—from any location, at any time. These innovative, energy-saving solutions not only help you reduce costs, but they can also help you serve customers more effectively and maximize the time and talents of your employees. You can gain a higher level of insight on your energy usage while improving the safety and security of your business.

Many smart technology products can be implemented with no disruption to your business, and without making expensive modifications or renovations. 

Save energy with Hive

For example, our sister company, Hive, has developed a family of smart products that can connect your business and make daily operations easier. 

Devices like the Hive Active Thermostat, dimmable and color changing lights, and smart plugs help you save money by giving you complete control over energy use in your business. The Hive app connects you to the smart devices in real time so you can receive alerts and monitor energy consumption directly from your smartphone, no matter where you are.

Hive Active Thermostat

Hive mobile app

Above: Say hello to beautiful design, clever control, and accessible technology. With Hive Active Thermostat, you can control heating and cooling in your business any time, from any place, with smart features that help you conserve energy. 

Set daily schedules so your business is lit and comfortable when you walk in the door, and automatically “powers down” at the end of the workday. Even add a security camera to your Hive ecosystem and monitor your space through the same app.

Transform your energy management today

We believe small businesses shouldn’t have to worry about unpredictable energy bills. Together, a fixed rate energy plan and Hive smart technologies can produce effortless energy management. It means peace of mind for you and savings for your bottom line.

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Posted: November 20, 2018