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EnergyPortfolio: Procurement in the Palm of Your Hand

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There are many tools available today to assist companies with efficient energy management.

But do you have the right tools to maximize the other side of the equation? Are you taking advantage of the best energy buying opportunities?

Direct Energy Business customers can answer those questions with confidence because of EnergyPortfolioTM

What is EnergyPortfolio?

EnergyPortfolio is an on-demand web portal and mobile app that shifts control back to you, giving you complete access to market and energy purchasing data. 

With a series of personalized graphs and reports, like the ones pictured below, customers can analyze past and forward market data to determine where opportunities exist and ensure that purchases are made at the right time. By using the interactive strategy tool for forward purchase scenarios and price target monitoring, customers watch the effect of power purchases on their energy strategy in real time.


The EnergyPortfolio dashboard models scenarios in real time based on the market and your organization's energy purchasing strategy.

Our customers' favorite features include:

  • Long term position reporting 

  • Comparisons of historical and projected spend against a budget or benchmark

  • Tracking to meet an energy target

  • Email notification upon reaching an energy target

  • Customized graphs showing historical prices and price projections

  • Account information downloads, such as current and historical cap/trans tags, usage by account and 8760s

The EnergyPortfolio difference

The paramount significance of a tool like EnergyPortfolio is that you can make informed buying decisions and immediately start to see results. The tool eliminates the time spent watching a target, instead giving you intelligence when it’s time to act.

By synthesizing the custom structure of your current hedging strategy, EnergyPortfolio answers the questions you care about: 

  • How exposed to the market is my organization's energy load?

  • What is the projected price? 

  • What costs make up my energy bill?

  • How much energy is my organization using right now?

  • How much energy are we projected to use?

EnergyPortfolio makes it easy to compare the volatility of historic and future power and gas prices so you can identify opportunities. You’re already monitoring the market – why not do so using a tool that integrates market data with your procurement goals? 

And it just got better

EnergyPortfolio has always been available to PowerPortfolio customers, whose procurement strategies are highly personalized and complex. But now this tool is available for customers who use Block and Index and Load Following Block and Index strategies.

Now no matter which managed product you use, you can have the services, market intel and hedge monitoring tools that EnergyPortfolio provides. 

You can learn more about EnergyPortfolio and our suite of layered purchasing and managed products. Simply call us at 1.855.746.2473 or visit our Energy Solutions page.

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Posted: November 05, 2018