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A Brand New Team: Collaborating with Canada to Achieve a Common Goal

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Known globally as one of leaders in the battle against climate change, the Canadian government has spearheaded a number of initiatives to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions within its borders. These initiatives include improving the overall energy efficiency in Canadian buildings, phasing out coal and generating more power from clean sources like wind, solar and renewable natural gas.

As you can imagine, devising effective policies and strategies can be complicated, which is why in December 2017, the Canadian government turned to Direct Energy Business to be the natural gas supplier for all eight provinces over the next 10 years, serving Correctional Services Canada, the Department of National Defense and Public Services and Procurement Canada.

The agreement also includes a procurement strategy of renewable natural gas across government departments and provinces. In addition, Direct Energy Business will deliver expertise and services to help reduce the impact of energy on their budget, operations and the environment.

government of canada natural gas

Darin Holst, Director of Canadian Sales at Direct Energy believes the company has everything the Canadian government needs to fulfill its lofty long-term goals.

“We (Direct Energy Business) have assets across the country to help deliver natural gas,” Holst said. “We also rely on people from Pittsburgh to Edmonton, from in-house meteorologists to regulatory experts, who know what is coming in the market and can help formulate buying points for natural gas.”

“We have an in-house environmental person who has a lot of experience in renewable natural gas, and who has actually implanted programs like this at scale,” Holst said. “We’ve accomplished this through other deals and can position ourselves as collaborators who can handle it.”


Learn more about the power of collaboration, and how Direct Energy Business is teaming up with local and national governments to achieve huge climate change goals. Download the full report now!

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Posted: May 17, 2018