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Here's What Solar Power Can Do For Your Business

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Demand for electricity around the world is rapidly climbing; infrastructure is aging; fuel costs are rising; the earth is warming. It’s time to embrace new solutions that help us meet energy needs. 

Today, on Solar Appreciation Day, we’re putting the spotlight on how businesses of all sizes are addressing these threats. Harnessing energy from the sun is one way organizations can improve their performance, create resilience and unlock opportunities for the future – all while reducing their carbon footprint. 

Here are five things solar generation can do for you:

1) Reduce Electricity Costs

You can save big by generating some of your own energy with solar power. How much you’ll save depends on the configuration and size of your solar system and the level of volatility you’re exposed to with your current energy plan. 

Many businesses enjoy a quick return in cost savings from their upfront investment in solar panels, especially when they qualify for federal, state or local incentives. Some suppliers offer flexible financing options and can customize your solar array and pricing to your organization’s needs.

2) Improve Reliability

Reliable energy supply is essential to most businesses. Consequences of outages can be severe and electricity generation backup systems are often costly. 

Solar technology is more efficient than ever with a median 0.05 percent panel failure rate.1  Businesses that generate their own power from solar energy can be confident they’ll have a consistent source of power. When combined with a battery, you’ll also have the flexibility to store excess electricity to use later when costs are high.

3) Meet Sustainability Targets

Renewable energy is more socially valuable and affordable than ever. Small and large organizations are shifting to emphasize sustainability to capitalize on a favorable public image and make a real difference with carbon emissions. 

Solar power is 100 percent green and produces energy without creating pollutants. Whether you choose to generate your own or purchase it from a supplier, solar power is an affordable way to make your electricity load ecofriendly.

4) Create Revenue

Have you considered that solar panels can also earn money for your business? If you generate excess solar power, you can choose to transfer it into the public electricity grid. These grid-connected systems create a new revenue stream for your business and ensure that no energy goes to waste.

5) Provide Foresight

To make sure your business gets the best return on investment, opt for solar solutions that have data reporting capabilities. Analytics about your energy consumption give you the necessary insight to monitor operations and customize based on the needs of your business. You’ll gain knowledge about how much energy you use – and how much you can expect to pay – and that means you can better forecast your expenses and create operational efficiencies.





Posted: March 09, 2018