A Pie Baker Gets Sweet Service

By Direct Energy Business

Kelly Storey has had several different jobs in her life, but she's always been a pie-maker on the side. After working as a paralegal for 40 years and just baking pies for friends and family, she took a leap of faith. Kelly left her job and moved to a small town in Texas to make pies full-time and sell them right from her front yard. And, it paid off.

For Kelly, the pie business has been fruitful. Now a full-fledged café in her front yard, Kitchen Fresh Pies To go, LLC. has become a home away from home for oil chasers in Flynn, Texas. She had been a customer of another power company forever, until Direct Energy Business started serving her area.

"I didn't need change because everything in my world was doing fine. But I talked to them [Direct Energy Business] and was like this is so easy! They explained everything to me," Kelly said.

After getting switched over, she was thrilled with the service. She's been a customer for two years now, and just renewed for another two. With all she has going on running her café, she's happy that Direct Energy Business has made managing and renewing her electricity so easy.

She says, "When it came time to renew my plan, I got an email well in advance and was able to make my decision. When I called, the guy I talked to was so nice. He pulled me up on Google while we were on the phone. And was like, ‘Man! You make all of these pies?' He helped me get a great deal, and I locked into it for another two years."

It takes a lot to start your own business and we're happy that we can help Kelly Storey, owner of Kitchen Fresh Pies to Go, LLC., save some dough and give her the energy she needs to keep on baking.


Updated: December 13, 2018 Posted: March 05, 2018


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