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And the award goes to...

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We’re stepping onto the Academy Awards red carpet to reveal which shining stars have outdone themselves. But not just in Hollywood. This year, we're recognizing businesses that have gone above and beyond in categories focused on energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and energy management. 

And the awards go to… 

Most Sustainable Company: L'Oréal

L'Oréal has already been named one of the most sustainable companies globally, as recognized by Newsweek's 2017 Global 500 Green Rankings. Renewability and efficiency are at the core of the L'Oréal brand, shaping their research, products, business practices and social contributions. The company sources local supplies, selects renewable ingredients and packages with eco-friendly materials, creating a whole product that reduces their carbon footprint. L'Oréal is also dedicated to reducing CO2 emissions by creating efficiencies in their facilities. 

Best Renewable Wind Project: Roundhouse Renewable Energy

Still in the works, this project may revolutionize energy generation in Fort Collins, Colorado. The wind farm has the potential to generate almost half of the area's electricity, substantially reducing energy costs for residents and transforming the city into a star player in renewables. With the potential to expand in the future, the Roundhouse Renewable Energy project easily earns their best-in-category award.


Best Contribution to Public Beauty: Land Art Generator Initiative

Let’s be honest: traditional power plants are kind of ugly. Many power plants have actually been moved away from urban areas to isolated locations because of their unsightliness and problems with pollution. The Land Art Generator Initiative wants to change all that. It aims to make renewable energy a beautiful part of each city, and something residents can be proud of.


Best Energy Transmission Technology: 3DFS

3DFS is taking on the challenge of energy waste during transmission. The company designed more efficient methods of transferring electricity to prevent heat waste as it's transferred along power lines. 3DFS's real-time digital management system also makes it easy to monitor energy consumption and correct if demand rises above acceptable levels. These transmission efficiencies have the potential to revolutionize the industry by preventing waste and reducing energy bills for home and business owners. 


Best Multi-Location Sustainability Commitment: Food Lion

It’s true that grocery stores don’t often top the list of energy-efficient spaces. But Food Lion, a supermarket chain with more than 1000 stores, is increasing efficiency across all of its locations. The chain been offered Energy Star awards for its commitment to projects such as retrofitting refrigerator doors to reduce energy loss. Lion is has reduced its total carbon footprint by nearly 25 percent since 2008 and more than 90 percent of its stores earn an Energy Star rating. 


Best Contribution to Client Sustainability: Fannie Mae

As a leading financer for multi-family dwellings across the U.S., Fannie Mae is taking a stand for environmentally friendly properties. The company is offering financial incentives for homes that meet Energy Star criteria and has expanded benchmark reporting and documentation to account for environmental sustainability. Fannie Mae also shares information about Energy Star and its merits through social media and client communications, facilitating awareness of their offers. 

Best Lighting Retrofit: Kohls

Quality lighting is essential in most retail stores to increase visibility and help products stand out. Kohls has taken on the challenge of energy waste in lighting by installing new LED lights in their stores. These upgrades saved approximately 20 million kilowatt hours of electricity at 66 locations in 2016 and even more through 2017 as they outfitted more stores. These substantial energy savings easily earn it the top spot. 


Best Employee Engagement in Conservation: CalPortland Company

CalPortland Company began energy sustainability initiatives in 2003 and continues to show incredible results. The company committed to several 2017 initiatives, including the CP Energy Cup, which transformed energy conservation into an innovative competition to engage employees. Perhaps proof of the program’s success, CalPortland Company continues to score in the top quarter of cement plants nationwide for low energy intensity and usage, overhauling energy management systems and recovering heat back into its kilns. 


Best Commitment to Homeowner Energy Conservation: Andersen Corporation

Andersen Corporation produces energy-efficient windows and doors to help homeowners and businesses decrease energy waste. The company also trains employees in energy sustainability and creates and distributes educational content for kids, such as in-home scavenger hunts, that teaches energy efficiency. 


Best Integrative Energy Management Practices: Raytheon Company

Raytheon Company delivers cybersecurity and defense solutions for private corporations and government entities. Over the past five years, they overhauled their end-to-end energy management infrastructure, designing a system to monitor usage and establish best practices in all of their complexes. Their continuing efforts earn them a spotlight for sustaining excellence. 


Posted: March 02, 2018