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If Electricity is Cheap, Why is My Bill So Expensive?

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Electricity markets can change quickly.

If you’re managing energy the way you did five years ago, you're probably leaving money on the table.

The cost of energy is the lowest it’s been in years, but consumers are still paying an average of 8 percent more than they did five years ago.

Here’s why:

While the cost of energy is down, other charges, often referred to as pass-throughs, are on the rise. That’s why we’ve created a plan that puts you in control.

Use this list of resources to get the 411 on everything you need to know.

Why Cheaper Electricity Doesn't Result in Cheaper Bills

The Other Half of the Energy Bill

Mandatory fees are now making up as much as half of your energy bill. Here's how you can take control of them.

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What's At Stake in the Fine Print

What does the fine print under your energy price mean?

Be honest, do you really read the fine print? It's tempting to only pay attention to the bold kilowatt hour price, but that's where you'd be making a big mistake.

Decipher the fine print


How Much Could Capacity Actually Cost?

What are Peak Load Days and why do they matter?

Even businesses enjoying a fixed rate or fixed hedges need to consider peak load contribution. What you're consuming during peak hours can have a big affect on your year-over-year capacity charges - which can account for 25 percent or more of your total costs. 

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3 Essential Questions

What to Ask Before Signing an Electricity Contract

Buying electricity for your business just isn't as straightforward as it used to be. Here's what you need to ask before you sign on the dotted line.

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A Customer's Cautionary Tale

Don't Be Fooled By 'Low' kWh Prices

Even for energy procurement in large corporations, buyer's remorse is real concern. Take it from this electricity consumer - discerning what's included in your rate can actually be really hard.

Learn from their mistake

Posted: August 22, 2018