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Top 3 Energy Stories from March

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March was busy for Direct Energy Business as we introduced our newest procurement strategy, Fixed Energy Plus™. It took the top spot for the most read post of the month, followed by Tim Bigler's Energy Market Update and our story for International Women’s Day. 

Catch up on the top stories from March!



The Evolution of Fixed Energy is Here 

Fixed price solutions are common for large businesses, but they can cause you to miss out on opportunities to reduce your total bill. Procurement strategies that don’t take demand reduction into account – like traditional fixed price offers – can’t compete in the long term.

That’s why we introduced a new electricity solution for large businesses called Fixed Energy Plus™. With this modern take on a fixed price, you can lock-in a supply rate without forfeiting opportunities to benefit from your energy efficiencies.

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Energy Market Update: March 21, 2018 

How can you combat peak summer energy demand? Programs like Demand Response are one option where you could get paid to reduce usage during times of peak demand across the grid. 

Direct Energy Business Strategist Tim Bigler explains that you can save even more money by managing your peak load contributions - if you have a pricing structure like Fixed Energy Plus. With Fixed Energy Plus, your supply price is locked in, but you can minimize the other portion of your bill, pass-through charges, by reducing your peak load contribution year-over-year. 

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Meet the Extraordinary Women in Energy

On International Women’s Day we celebrate the female scientists, engineers, policy makers and leaders who transform the energy industry. Women are still vastly underrepresented in energy sector jobs, often outnumbered three to one or more. And it gets even more dismal when you look for women in energy leadership roles. That’s why we're shining the spotlight on three amazing role models for women of all ages who aspire to a career in energy.

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Posted: April 06, 2018