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5 Ways to Conserve Energy in Your Business

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5 ways to conserve energy in your business 

The energy efficiency race is on! You’ve checked your weather stripping, changed HVAC filters and upgraded your light bulbs to LEDs. It’s time for more innovation. Businesses across the country and around the planet are saving energy and money – and doing it in new, unique ways.

Here is the very latest batch of out-of-the-box energy efficiency tips.

Halogen Ovens

Do your employees nuke their lunches and snacks in a power-hungry microwave? Try swapping it out for something more efficient. Halogen ovens generate a lot of heat quickly but use much less energy than a traditional oven or microwave. Try installing one in your break room, and watch your employees delight as they effortlessly roast whole chickens, cook up pots of stew and bake fresh loaves of bread. Plus, your energy bill will thank you.

Airlock Doors

What kind of exterior doors does your business have? When you open them, do they give a big 'whoosh' of conditioned HVAC air escaping and outside air coming in? This is common for commercial buildings. The problem? Every 'whoosh' is your costly power blowing out the door. Consider changing them out for something more efficient. We recommend installing a secondary door in your entrance, creating a vestibule.

For maximum efficiency, choose airlock doors similar to those installed in medical clean rooms or the international space station. They seal the space and prevent air and temperature exchange from outside to inside, and vice versa. This design ensures that the only space taking on cold or heat is your entranceway, while the inside stays true to temperature.

Generator Gym

Many businesses offer perks centered around employee wellness, such as gym membership. If your building has a gym or you’re planning to add one, consider this: could your running and spinning employees generate power while they work out? Why not?

Buying grid-connected equipment doesn’t necessarily cost more, and comes in a variety of models including treadmills, ellipticals and upright, recumbent or spin bicycles. The energy generated during workouts goes right back into the building and saves electricity.

Wood Burning Fireplace

You’ve enjoyed the ambient heat of a wood burning fireplace in your home. But now they’re the newest craze in businesses. Fireplaces can heat a space quickly without using electricity, plus add charm and coziness. It’s the perfect way to create a hygge environment, (ie. the hottest new Danish lifestyle trend centering around all things cozy).

With the aroma of burning logs and the natural light of the fire, you can turn an office building into a cozy retreat. For a bonus, install a two-sided fireplace between two rooms to make the most of the warmth. It’ll be the new favorite spot for all-staff meetings.

Company Cats

It’s important to keep employees comfortable in their workspaces. Running the temperature too low can cause all sorts of unanticipated energy-consuming behaviors, including making tea and hot food, wearing hats or mittens and using warming devices like electric blankets and personal heaters.

Instead of turning up the heat or AC, why not bring a few furry friends to the office? Domestic housecats are often cuddly and love to sit on the laps. Allowing a few kitties into your workspace can help your shivering staff, not to mention boost morale. It may be just the boost – and energy saver – your business needs.

So, are you ready to adopt some feline lap-warmers to save energy costs in your business? Or install a cozy wood-burning fireplace? Connect your gym equipment to the grid?

Of course not. But since it’s April Fools Day, we thought we’d try.

You won’t save money with these over-the-top tactics. But joking aside, we recommend switching to a small business energy supply plan. It’s a surefire way to control your costs and get peace of mind – no baking, construction projects, spinning, log hauling or grooming required.

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Posted: April 01, 2018