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Volterra Energy Finds a Wholesale Provider

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Volterra Energy Holdings is the parent company to a family of retail electric brands offering customer-focused products to approximately 100,000 consumers across Texas. Volterra was founded by veterans of the retail energy marketplace who were responsible for the creation and growth of one of Texas' largest private retail electric providers.

This experience guided their search for a wholesale supplier who could meet their unique needs as a growing company. When they were introduced to Direct Energy Wholesale Services, they found a partner that was right for them. "For us, right away, it was the people. They were knowledgeable and accommodating," said Neville Ravji, CEO of Volterra Energy Holdings.

"Next, it was the terms—Direct Energy [Wholesale Services] structured them in a way that was the most pragmatic and business friendly—their credit guys are also really great at what they do—it's a great working relationship and at the end of the day, it does come down to the people you're working with."

As Volterra has seen its business grow, they've been happy with how we have worked with them to accommodate their changing needs. "We have outgrown our early projections and we are glad that they have kept up with us and proactively helped us expand," continued Ravji.

"They never slowed us down, which was critical in aiding our growth—they were never playing catch up—and that's a credit to their entire team, from the trading desk to the credit team. I would highly recommend working with them."


Posted: September 08, 2017