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Top 3 Energy Headlines from August

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August 2017 was an extremely busy month and brought along with it two events that impacted the energy industry in many different ways. 

On August 21, 2017 the United States experienced a total solar eclipse. The world watched from livestreams, while millions of  others flocked to small towns and areas from Oregon to South Carolina to experience full totality. It was the first total eclipse to happen from coast to coast in 99 years. 

There's no doubt the eclipse was the talk of the country during that day, but the story we were most interested in was how it impacted power generation. 

It must have also peeked the interest of energy buffs like you, because it was the top Direct Energy Business blog post in August. 

Check it out here: How the Solar Eclipse Impacted Power Generation



Another major event to take place in the United States in August was Hurricane Harvey.  Unlike the eclipse, it was not an anticpated event.  However, it did bring out the best in humanity. 

We all watched in horror as the Category 4 Hurricane made landfall near Rockport, Texas. Between August 31 and September 1, Harvey dumped 40-52 inches of rain in southeast Texas and  Southwest Louisiana. The rainfall caused catastrophic flooding in much of southeast Texas, including Houston. Houston is home to one of our Direct Energy Business offices. 

In response to the disaster, Direct Energy established a relief fund to help those who suffered major damage in the storm. 

The outpouring of support from our employees, customers and beyond was incredible.That's why this blog post was the second most popular article in August.

See how much we raised:Direct Energy Business establishes Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund



Finally, Direct Energy Business held an interactive webinar on a massive pipeline project that is currently influencing natural gas basis pricing in a number of key markets. 

The 713-mile and $4.2 billion Rover Pipeline will transport domestically produced natural gas from processing plants in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio to delivery points in Ohio and Michigan, as well as into the Union Gas Dawn Storage Hub in Ontario, Canada.

This topic sparked the interest of many of our readers, making it the third most popular article on the blog in August. 

You can access the webinar below:


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Posted: September 11, 2017