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El Nino or La Nina?: Winter Weather & Energy Projections

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It might only be starting to feel like fall, but we’re thinking about winter and how colder temperatures might impact electricity and natural gas prices.

According to Direct Energy Business meteorologist Beau Gjerdingen, some models are showing a weak La Nina, which could mean a cold and snowy winter is ahead for the Eastern and Midwestern portions of the United States.

Gjerdingen said in a recent Direct Energy Business webinar that he’s watching several things closely as the colder months creep up:

  • How quickly does snowfall ramp up in Eurasia?
  • How to eastern Pacific sea surface temperatures trend?
  • Does Arctic sea ice show any increase early?
  • Does the CFS begin to back off on La Nina?
  • Do we see more recurving typhoon activity late in the season across the west Pacific?

The webinar, available to you for free below, also features our veteran market strategist Tim Bigler. He takes a look at NYMEX prices and if lower natural gas prices in the United States are going to be sustainable.

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Posted: September 14, 2017