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Feed Your Business With the Ultimate Energy Strategy

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business electricity and natural gas buying strategy


In order to maximize your energy savings, and thus gain a competitive edge, you need the right mix of ingredients in your energy management strategy. To help you, we have a surefire recipe. Let’s begin with Key Ingredient #1: A Trusted, Independent Supplier

Finding the right energy supplier

When picking the right retail energy supplier, it’s crucial to do your due diligence. Most energy suppliers will offer you a wide array of purchasing options to meet your unique business needs and objectives. The most common, and effective, are these two:

  • all-inclusive fixed price option, which gives you strong budget management
  • index pricing, which has a risk/reward of market price fluctuations and savings on price dips

More than electricity and natural gas

Beyond electricity and natural gas, you’ll also find invaluable add-on solutions like load management programs and efficiency initiatives, which can help you control costs and cut down on energy usage.

Even more, some suppliers can help you meet your regulatory requirements or identify rebate programs. 

Who will you trust?

When making your decision on a supplier, here are some other items to put on your shopping list:

  • Visit supplier websites to check out prices and plans
  • View suppliers’ credit rating, tech offerings and customer service ratings/reviews
  • Read through the range of pricing options
  • Find out if there are renewable energy options
  • Look for complementary cost-saving efficiency programs
  • Make sure billing is easy to understand

Ultimately, your best choice will most likely come down to the financial stability and reputation of the supplier, as well as their ability to meet your billing, service and price needs.


What other ingredients do you need to cook up the best energy strategy for your business? Download our eGuide: 6 Key Ingredients for an Effective Business Energy Strategy now.

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Posted: October 25, 2017