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The Energy Strategy That Will Feed Your Business

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Energy savings is more crucial than ever. When you put the right energy plan in motion, you increase your business’s competitive edge and gain more trust from your customers. The key is having the right strategy mix.

In our newly published FREE eGuide, “6 Ingredients for an Effective Business Energy Strategy”, we’ll share six key elements to help you manage your supply and demand with steps you can take to jump-start your strategy today.

Here’s a little taste of what’s inside:

  • Key Ingredient #1: A Trusted, Independent Supplier — for starters, shop for a range of pricing and renewable energy options, complementary cost-saving efficiency programs and clear billing explanations
  • Key Ingredient #2: A Range of Energy Options — things to consider include what your energy needs are, if you want to use renewable resources and does your business have sustainability goals
  • Key Ingredient #3: Competitive Pricing — begin with energy price options: fixed price product, index price product and combination price product to assess what offers the best value and lowest risk
  • Key Ingredient #4: Wireless Energy Monitoring Technology — learn how this (along with advanced analytics) will pinpoint energy waste from a building level to individual equipment, and what it can mean for your energy savings
  • Key Ingredient #5: Set Consumption Schedules — understand total energy use and the importance of when you're using the most electricity and natural gas. Plus see how you may be able to use demand response, a load management program that helps you lower energy use during peak demand
  • Key Ingredient #6: Energy Efficiency — discover more ways to boost efficiency without sacrificing comfort, led by control and automation systems, wireless sensors and lighting control upgrades

Plus you can get cooking with clear steps to set up your budget and assess your risk tolerance with an interactive checklist.


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Posted: October 19, 2017